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An exhilarating reversal of Go game!

바둑이사이트 카카오톡 링크
바둑이사이트 텔레그램 링크


Card Game
바둑이 게임

​Part 1. 바둑이 게임 

# 바둑이 사이트 

# 현금 바둑이 

# 사설 바둑이 

1. What is Go? What is the Go game?

 바둑이(Badugi)란 플레이어 각각 4장의 카드를 받아 상대방보다 더 좋은 족보를 얻거나 베팅 심리전으로 이기는 게임으로, 일반적으로 알려진 바둑이는 로우 바둑이이며 변형된 게임인 하이 바둑이와 하이로우 바둑이가 있지만 주로 로우바둑이 게임만 합니다.


Badugi is a game in which each player receives 4 cards and gets a better genealogy than the opponent or wins by betting psychological warfare.I mainly only play Low Baduk.

The origin of the name Badugi is like Badugi, a name that Koreans often give to dogs with colorful patterns 
hand withThe more colorful you make it, the higher the genealogy.It is known by its given name.

This card game, which first started in Korea, is now widely known internationally in Canada and 
WSOP at a poker tournamentEnough to come out as a mixed game eventAnd even on overseas sites where poker games are availableBadugiWe serve under the name of

The game method is simple, so anyone can easily learn it quickly, and it has a thrilling taste. If you actually type Badugi on YouTube, you can see that many foreigners know and enjoy playing.

2. Basic Go genealogy

"The family tree of Go is greatlyMaid,Base,two base, divided into no towers."

바둑이 예시
  • 메이드         _cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

바둑이 메이드 예시

2-5-7-K maid example

Maid is when the 4 cards have different suits and all numbers are different. It literally means "made" in English and is called "Z-made" or "Z-top" or "made-Z-top" based on the highest number.
Basically, the win rate increases rapidly because of the condition that a maid wins a hand that is not made unconditionally in any case.

  • 베이스         _cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

바둑이 베이스 예시

1-7-10 base example

Base means that only 3 cards have different suits and numbers, and one card has the same suit or number among the 3 cards. Excluding one card with overlapping patterns or numbers, it is read as Z base from the highest number or X, Y, Z base from the lowest number.
No matter how high your base is, you will lose to maids, so beware of opponents who barely make maids in the evening.

  • 투베이스         _cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

바둑이 투베이스 예시

4-8 two-base example

Two-base means that two cards have different suits and numbers, and the other two cards have overlapping suits and numbers. Except for two cards with overlapping patterns or numbers, read Y,Z Two Base. At this time, if both cards are between A-5, it is a good strategy to change the remaining two cards by following them until lunch or dinner without betting excessively.

  • 무탑         _cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

바둑이 무탑 예시

J No tower example

This means that all 4 cards are of the same suit or of the same number.
The probability of all cards being equal is worse than the probability of being made. However, this no-top hand becomes the worst case in Go.

3. Go genealogy

"Learn the basics of winning and losing, the genealogy"


  • All four cards have different patterns and numbers, and Low Baduk is the highest among the genealogies.

  • Maid's strongest hand'Golf, Second, Third'order.

바둑이 골프


It is a golf consisting of A-2-3-4 with all different patterns. It is the highest genealogy in Low Badugi.

바둑이 세컨


It is the second highest genealogy as a tile consisting of A-2-3-5 with all different patterns.

바둑이 써드


It is the third highest genealogy with different patterns and A-2-4-5.

After the 3rd, Maid is 6th, 7th,,, J-top, Q-top, K-top in order.


  • A hand in which one card overlaps the suit or number of three other cards.

바둑이 카드 숫자 중복 된 경우

Duplicate numbers

In the case of overlapping numbers, it does not matter when determining superiority and inferiority with other bases because there is no superiority or inferiority of patterns in Low Badugi.

바둑이 카드 무늬 중복 된 경우

When patterns overlap

In the case of overlapping patterns, the opponent's base and superiority are covered with the remaining three cards, except for the one with the larger number among the two cards.

​two base

  • A four-card hand consisting of only two types of suits or two types of numbers.

  • Two cards with the minimum number appearing in different suits are drawn and compared.

투베이스 예시 1

In this case, there are only two patterns, ♣ and ◆. Since the smallest number among ◆ is 7, ♣ 4 ◆ 7 becomes a two-base and distinguishes itself from other two-bases.

투베이스 예시 2

In this case, the patterns are all different, but there are only two numbers, 2 and Q. In Go, there is no superiority or inferiority according to the pattern, so any pattern is compared with the other two bases with two pieces of 2 and Q to determine superiority and inferiority.

투베이스 예시 3

In this case, ♣ 4,8 ◆ 4,J, two bases because the pattern is the same. In addition to this, if the number is the same, it is called two-base.

4. How to determine the outcome of the game of Go

"The genealogy of Go is a completely different hand from poker.pedigreehas."

It is a good hand when the four cards received are holding cards of different suits for each type of spade, diamond, heart, and club (sudahak), and if the four cards have the same suit (two, three, or four cards) are all the same) cards with high numbers are excluded, and they are divided into maid, base, two-base, and no-tap depending on whether or not they have the same picture.

The ranking of these genealogies is largely in the order of Maid > Base > Two Base > Mutap, and the lower the highest number (top) in the card you have, the better the hand.


바둑이 족보 완벽 파헤치기

4-1. Maid/Base Discrimination Method

  • If all four cards have different suits and numbers, they are made.

  • If there are cards of the same suit, the higher card is discarded.

  • If there are cards of the same number, the player directly discards any card.

  • If one card has overlapping shapes and numbers, the numbers are discarded.

4-2. How to determine superiority and inferiority between the same maid or base

If they are of the same maid or of the same base first, then the player with the lower number (top) wins.


(Win) A-3-5-7vs 2-4-5-9 (lose)

(Win) A-2-6-8 vs 2-4-7-8 (lose)

(Win) A-2-5-7 vs A-3-5-7 (lose)

(win)A-3-5-7 vs.2-3-5-7 (lose)

If all numbers appear together, there is no superiority or inferiority according to the suit of the card.Therefore, there may be a case where it is impossible to distinguish superiority and inferiority, and in this case, there will be several winners and the stake is divided.

However, some domestic game distributorsThe lowest-numbered suit is called a higher hand in the order of spades>diamonds>hearts>clovers (sdahak) or sdahak.


(win)A-♥4-♦6-♣9 vs.A-♦4-♣6-♠9 (lose)

5. Go game method and basic rules

"Go is a game that reduces patterns and numbers to a minimum."

basic rule

Each player is dealt 4 cards, and none of the cards are revealed to the opponent. There are up to 3 rounds of betting, and after each betting, the time is divided and there is a chance to change the card twice, divided into breakfast, lunch and dinner. Depending on the game provider, change the card once in the morning and start betting or start betting right in the morning.speed badugiit's called

If all numbers are high like 10, Q, Q, K in the pattern, it is difficult to aim for a low base or maid, so depending on the situation, you can change all 3 or 4 cards or give up.

※The act of changing hands is called cut or tap, and not changing hands is called stay or pass.

game order

  1. First 4 cards each(pattern)receive.

  2. After checking each player's hand, betting begins.

  3. After betting is over, there is an opportunity to exchange cards.(morning)

  4. Betting resumes after card exchange.

  5. After the morning bets are over, there is another chance to exchange cards.(lunch)

  6. After exchanging cards, betting begins again.

  7. After the lunch bets, the final card exchange opportunity comes.(dinner)

  8. It's the last evening. Final betting begins.

  9. ​After bettinghidden opento determine victory or defeat.

바둑이 베팅 순서

6. 7 Badugi Strategies That Call for Victory

Go is a type of poker in which the odds of winning vary depending on the player's inclination. Since betting is conducted by dividing breakfast/lunch/dinner, the stakes are high, and there are opportunities to change hands every time, so it is a game with many variables of reversal. Let's see how to win at Go.


바둑이 전략

 6-1. Maid probability from pattern to dinner is less than 50%

Even if the pattern has a good base, the chance that the maid will appear by evening is very low.For example, a very advantageous hand can come out with an MBC base or 4 base in a pattern. However, if the opponent who was holding the K-base changes cards one by one in the morning and lunch and plays K-made, the MBC base will eventually become a losing hand, so even if the base came out well,Playing too deep from the beginning can be poisonous, so even if the base is good, we recommend raising your bet slowly.​

 6-2. Uneasy up to 9th tower, easy from 8th tower, strong bet from 6th tower

If 9 towers of Maid appear in the evening, it can be considered a relatively strong hand, but if 9 towers of Maid appear in the pattern, it is not considered good.If the opponent has a high genealogical base, it is because there is a chance of reversal from golf to the 8th top. In the case of the 9th top, it is advantageous to bluff and bet slowly as if holding a K top. If you are bluffing and your opponent comes out strong, it is important to know how to give up after seeing the situation rather than overplaying. in the patternThe probability of getting any maid is 1/15degree and6th tower is 1/750It can be seen that the 6th tower is the safe zone. From the 8th tower, you can see that it is relatively safe, and from the 6th tower, it is safe, so it is important to boldly bet and raise the stake to widen the gap.

 6-3. Numbers over 6 are boldly cut (tapp)

same as previously describedYou need to aim for 6 towers or higher to play reliably.If your opponent doesn't raise the stakes too much, it's good to follow up with calls and switch numbers over 6.​

 6-4. If you are not a maid, you can count on 5 bases or less

In the case of non-maids, MBC, 4 bases, and 5 bases are During base fights, you can set the flow of the game more advantageously when carrying out psychological warfare with a strong base.

 6-5. Strongest bass A,2,3 (MBC)

Making A,2,3, the strongest bases, is as difficult as making maids. Therefore, it is better to bet boldly because any base will win. In addition, psychological warfare with players with J, Q, and K tops, which are maids of low genealogy, can also be advantageous. Will be. Unleash these bluffs and psychological warfareEnjoy the pleasure of beating a maid with a baseYou can.

 6-6. Be wary of a strong base if you have J, Q, K top maids

As explained earlier,If you are holding a relatively weak maid, you will often be defeated by the base.For example, if you're holding a pattern-maid tower (K-top) and you see your opponents swapping cards in the morning, your opponent is likely holding a non-maid base hand. That's why I made a bet and raised the stake, but in the evening, a situation occurred where the other party matched the genealogy of the top 10 maids or more and was reversed. However, as long as the opponent doesn't follow until evening and make a maid's hand, you can win the MBC base in the hidden open. For this reason, you should always be careful if you are carrying a maid of low genealogy. As a countermeasure, if the number of the first three cards is low, such as 1-3-5-K Maid, you can switch one card to play even if you have a K-Maid to get a stronger maid.

 6-7. Betting psychological warfare is essential, but excessive greed is prohibited

Occasionally, there are people who carry a mid-level genealogy base and stay until the evening and play the game unreasonably. However, if the opponent has a hand that is close to the MBC base, there are cases where they follow until evening and open a hand to aim for the maid. In this case, you may lose a lot while playing too much, so betting too much can be poison, so it is recommended that you always adjust the amount.

7. Modified Go game

"The genealogy and strategy explained above all belong to the generally known Low Badugi."

 7-1. Deformation according to the height of the card

Whoever has the lowest number among the 4 cards wins.low badugiWhile there is
Whoever has the lowest number among the 4 cards wins.high badugiThere is.
In Low Go, A is judged as 1, but in High Go, A is judged as 14.
Simply put, the highest hand of Low Badugi isA-2-3-4 maid (low perfect)ego
The highest hand in High Badugi isAKQJ Maid (High Perfect)no see.
There is also a high-low baduk game that plays low and high badugi at the same time.

로우 바둑이

 7-2. Variation according to card open method

In a way that depends on whether or not the hand is revealedDark Badugi, Open Badugi, Hold'em Badugidivide by


  • Dark Go is the most common Go game, and it is a method in which players do not show each other's hands.

  • Open Badugi is a stud poker method in which part of the hand is revealed, and the game is played by hiding 1 card and revealing 3 cards. However, most people do not prefer dark baduk and hold'em baduk due to their popularity.

  • Hold'em BadugiHold'emThe game is played with 1 community card shared by all players on the round table and 3 personal cards. Only 3 cards will be received in the pattern, and 1 community card will be revealed in the morning after the first bet, so the number of bets is 4 in total.All Star PokerIt is the way it exists.

홀덤 바둑이

 7-3. Deformation according to cut (tap) opportunity

Baduki usually has 2 to 3 cut opportunities, but depending on the dealer or game distributor, it may be transformed up to 1 to 5 times. Originally, it is called breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but if it increases to 4 or 5 times, it is called 4 times or 5 times.
The higher the chance of a cut, the higher the probability of a hand with a high pedigree, but the fact that the number of bets also increases can be a disadvantage. You can also limit the number of cards that can be cut, for example, limiting the number of cards to 3 or 2 to play the game. However, it is usually only done 2-3 times.

오리지날 바둑이
Card Game
바둑이 사이트

​Go website

Which Go site is good?

1. What is a Go site?

1-1. Deliberation game and non-deliberation game

These days, when mobile games are popular, many people are looking for Go in addition to sports enjoyed by players such as poker and hold'em, and it is the most accessible of all playing card games, making it a sport that even first-timers can enjoy.

Go is classified as a board game and is operated by various game companies at home and abroad.
In the case of domestic sites, there are sim games and non-sim games, and it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with them before using them.

이미지 제공: Eyestetix Studio

Deliberation game

Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism) A public institution that reviews and inspects domestic games under its umbrella.Game Management CommitteeIn Korea, all game products distributed in Korea are judged and graded, and it refers to games that have passed all of this censorship process.

In the case of sim games, while they have the advantage of being safe, there are many high-cutting games with relatively high dealer fees due to maintenance costs to maintain the sim level.

non-deliberate game

Non-sim games refer to illegal speculative games that have not been censored by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. However, there is no crackdown, and playing games other than distributing the game is not a problem, so users who prefer low-cut games are the majority.

게임물 등급 위원회

1-2. The main game of Go

If you usually play low badugiblind gameto. If you play in the dark, you cannot see your opponent's hand at all, so bluffing is important and the tension is doubled. That's why how you place your bets is often as important as holding good hands, such as in poker or hold'em. Because of these game characteristics, players who enjoy playing Badugi play Cash Badugi,editorial badugiIt's also the reason why so many games are found.

깜깜이 바둑이

2. Online Go site terminology


바둑이는 바카라나 블랙잭 같은 카드게임처럼 딜러와 싸우게 되는 게임이 아닌 유저vs유저 시스템으로 온라인 바둑이사이트에서 적게는 베팅액의 3% 많게는 10%의 딜비를 가져가게 됩니다. 정확한 명칭은 딜러비이며, 바둑이 사이트에서 컷팅이라고도 부릅니다.


일명 '탄'이라고 불리는 이 시스템은 과거 바다이야기 게임장에서 리모컨을 이용해 특정 손님에게 잭팟을 쏘는 행위를 일컬으며 이 행위가 마치 총을 쏘는 것과 비슷하다는 것에서 가져온 이름입니다. 하지만 바둑이 게임 특성상 탄을 쏘게 되면 단번에 티 나기 때문에 불가능한 것으로 알려져 있습니다.

리모컨 탄


온라인 게임에서 핵, 버그 등을 써서 부당 이득을 챙기는 행위를 말하며 바둑이게임 에서의 어뷰징은 핵 프로그램을 통해 상대의 패를 보면서 치는 행위를 일컫습니다.
실제로 피망, 한게임, 넷마블에서 운영중인 바둑이게임에서 뉴스에 보도된 바 어뷰징 게임뷰어가 난무하고 있습니다.



짱구라고 불리는 이 베팅법은 최소 3명 이상의 플레이어가 짜고 플레이하는 것을 의미하는데 이 짱구베팅은 온라인에서만 가능합니다.
3명 이상의 짱구플레이어는 좋은 패가 나올 확률이 급격히 올라가며 만약 패가 안 좋을지라도 3명이 번갈아 베팅금액을 올려서 상대 플레이어 1~2명의 기세를 눌러 포기하도록 만드는 방식을 일컫습니다.


2-2. Betting Options Glossary


베팅은 하지 않고 다음 플레이어에게 베팅 순서를 넘깁니다.
보통 패가 안 좋거나 상대 반응을 살피기 위한 베팅 옵션입니다.

체크와 비슷하게 패가 애매하거나 상대 반응을 살피기 위한 베팅 옵션입니다.
패가 좋을 때 블러핑 기술로 쓰이기도 하며, 저녁 오픈 타임 때 베팅 매너로 쓸 수도 있습니다.


해당 플레이어 베팅 전 마지막 베팅금액 + 쌓인 판돈 총금액의 50%를 베팅합니다.
패는 괜찮지만 금액 조절을 하기 위해 사용합니다.


해당 플레이어 베팅 전 마지막 베팅 금액의 두배 베팅합니다.
들고 있는 패가 자신이 있거나 패가 안 좋더라도 페이크 기술로 쓰입니다.

해당 플레이어 베팅 전 마지막 베팅금액만큼만 베팅합니다.
아침, 점심에는 다음 타임으로 넘어가거나 저녁에는 패를 오픈하여 승부를 가립니다.


게임을 포기하는 옵션입니다.
패가 안 좋거나 상대의 패가 자신의 패보다 높다고 판단 되었을 때 씁니다. 

BesidesCut (Tap), Stay (Pass)Different game companies use different terms.

The odds of winning a game depend on how you utilize your betting options.

​For example, if you are on the verge of going all-in because you don't have much money left, you might have a chance to change your hand even if the pattern comes with a non-made base or two bases in order to win the potentially last hand. Pretending to be a maid by passing without changing the timeBluffingIf you use it in various ways depending on the situation, such as changing only one card when a relatively strong base comes out and raising the bet amount separately, it is helpful to increase the win rate.

바둑이 사이트 추천

3. Reasons to choose a good Go site

3-1. Game company scam

Online gambling is prevalent in Korea, and dozens or hundreds of gambling sites are opening and closing repeatedly. As a result, many scam sites account for more than half of the sites, and in the case of sites with little capital, there are sites that run well, but when losses are expected, some sites run scams. So, if you want to use the Go site, first-time users always lack information about which site is safe. However, there are not many famous Go sites, and they are limited to 2-3. It is safest to use only these.

3-2. Game operation know-how

Playing a game is not worth spending money playing if the game is not fun. The game logic of every gambling game is different. Depending on the game logic, there will be games that give you a sense of tension as if you were playing a game of Silka, and there will be games that give you a feeling of being given a losing hand in a certain pattern, let alone a game of Silka, or a game that makes you feel like playing against a robot. Like all people who love gambling, I say it's okay to lose if it's fun to lose, but I feel very dirty when I feel like I've lost money or been cheated. For this reason, it is popular with people and we recommend that you play old games in the industry. If it's an old game that people use a lot, it means at least it's not a boring game.

3-3. Presence of game control

One of the concerns for many people starting out online gaming is manipulation. Of course, it is true that online games are more likely to be manipulated than offline games when considering the possibility, but people who have already enjoyed online games are very good at dealing with this information and manipulation. As a typical example, if there is even a slight suspicion of manipulation, the game will not be played immediately. For this reason, small-scale sites are quickly closed and users gather at large sites. As Koreans say, "trustworthy Samsung," there are large sites that are trying to maintain such a reputation in the Go industry. When using the game, we recommend that you check whether this site is a large site or a rare site before using it.

3-4. service

It is natural to lose and win money while playing gambling games. However, there are definitely people who win well, but there are times when people who lose every time feel unfair as if they were arranged. "If I add a little more, I think I'll win..." Everyone has this kind of gambling mentality, and in this case, if someone pays for a small amount of service, it will feel like finding an oasis in the middle of the desert. However, most of the sales staff give little or no sales, so it is recommended that you check the availability of the service before using it.

4. Precautions on the online Go site

Unlike the sites that rank first in the industry, scam and manipulation sites are rampant.
We are currently handling only verified sites to match the convenience of use.

Please use it after contacting us.

Also, time cannot be turned back in any case.

No matter what card game you play, we recommend that you play with awareness of your spare money.

Because online money is used on the Go site, it is difficult to control the amount of betting because it loses a sense of reality.

There are many users who often go all-in, but the betting amount control is also important in enjoying the game of Go.

It is a very important skill and know-how, so please keep it in your head and enjoy the game.

바둑이 게임

5. How to use the Go site

5-1. Go game rules

  • There are a total of 3 card exchange opportunities, each for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

  • Cards can be exchanged from 0 (pass) up to 4 cards.

  • After the pattern, you can bet each time you complete a card exchange. (total 4 times)

  • Some games only have 3 bets.

바둑이 게임 룰

5-2. How to read the genealogy of Go

  • If you make 4 cards with different patterns and numbers,Maidbecomes

  • If only 3 cards are differentBase, if only the two cards are differenttwo baseno see.

  • In the case of the same maid or base, the highest numbered card among the four cards is compared.The player with the lowest number winsdo.

바둑이 기본 족보

​The highest score in the game of GoMaid, and the highest genealogy among maids is ​"golf, second, third." Also the highest in the base "MBC"There is also

TIP. In the case of a base or two base with overlapping patterns, you can easily find out the genealogy by subtracting the highest numbered card.

바둑이사이트 족보 보는법

5-3. Badugi site recommendation

바둑이사이트 추천
Card Game

editorial badugi

What kind of places are private Badugi?

1. What is Private Baduk?

Unlike Hangame, Pmang, and Netmarble, Private Badugi, also called 'cash Badugi Game', can be played using cash. It can be largely divided into simulative games and non-simulative games. It was a game mainly enjoyed in adult PC rooms in the neighborhood, but it was adapted to the gameAlso released, you can fully enjoy the game with one mobile phone.
It is a somewhat unfamiliar game for young people, but recently, Lineage BJs are gaining great popularity as they mainly start Go game contents, and most of the private Baduk game sitesHold'em,poker,rightIt has the advantage of being able to play a variety of games together.

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2. Top 3 Domestic Private Go

There are various large-scale private Go sites such as Daegeun Egame and Grandpa Game, which were famous in the past.
Let's take a look at the Top 3 private baduk sites with the highest user access rate.

2-1. Maginoe Game

It is the overwhelming No. 1 Maginoe game. Also called Sun City Game, it is a private baduk game that has been ranked first in the industry with the best capital and operation since about 10 years ago.

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2-2. walnut game

The second place is the walnut game. There have been many users in the past, but it is a game that has recently been merged with Ssak3 Game and is getting more and more exciting.

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2-3. champion game

The 3rd place champion game remains the only non-deliberate game among the top private baduk games in Korea as Ssak3 game was merged with Hodu game.

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Other large-scale private baduk games

There are Wolf Game and Bravo Game as large-scale private Go games other than the Top 3.
In the past, all private Go sitesnon-deliberate gameHowever, since 2015, deliberation games have appeared and the domestic Baduk market has gradually expanded, and the market size has gradually expanded, and now most users are safe.Deliberation gameIt is a trend that favors the In Magino game and the Walnut game.

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3. Features of TOP3 Private Baduk

It's all the same Go game, but each site has different features and operation methods.
Find out the features and differences of each site and compare them yourself

2-1. magma game

  • Magino Game is a safety playground that has been officially approved by the Game Management Committee under the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

  • Magino Game is the most famous game among board game sites that has been undisputedly number one for more than 10 years.

  • there isGo / Poker / Hit / Hold'emMaginoe game types

  • Maginot games are best optimized for mobile, so you can play comfortably on your mobile phone.

  • Maginoe game users tend to be aggressive in their play style, so their winnings and losses are high.

  • Please note that there are strong sanctions against illegal programs or unfair profits, such as playing jjanggu.

  • It is famous for its highly immersive game, and it is the top game in Korea with more than 3,000 concurrent users.

<​magma game old name>

Red Toma Game Wonderful Game Sun City Game Esper Game Sweet Point Game Magnum Game Magma Game

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2-2. walnut game

  • Walnut Game is also a game of thought, and online Go is a major game boasting a tie rate of over 3,000 players. 

  • The walnut game is the oldest sim game among private Go sites, and you can enjoy it safely. 

  • Walnut games include Go, Poker, and Texas Hold'em. 

  • The walnut game is a game similar to the punch game and can be played together in the game. 

  • However, you cannot access the punch game with the walnut game ID, so you can use the punch game after signing up separately. 

  • Walnut game is not aggressive compared to other games, and you can enjoy it stably without burden. 

  • The Walnut Game is the only major game that has a gauge event, so you can receive additional bonuses.

​<strawberry game old name>

Bulletproof Game Goo Goo Game Hammer Game Portal Game Running Game Stone Game Typhoon Game Punch Game Strawberry Game

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2-3. champion game

  • The champion game is the only non-deliberate game among major games, with an average tie-up rate of over 1000. 

  • The champion game has been ranked as the number one low-cutting game for more than 10 years and is a major baduk player that is trusted and used. 

  • Champion games include Go and Hold'em slots. 

  • The name of the mobile version of Champion Game is a Maldivian game where you can play Go and enjoy Hold'em. 

  • The game style is aggressive, but it is a low-cutting game, so you can play without any burden.

​<champion game old name>

Cherry Game Clover Game Battery Game Ruby Game Great Game Lulu Game

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4. How to enjoy Private Baduk

4-1. Adult PC Room

​This is an adult PC room where you can see one by one in any neighborhood in Korea where the baduk game is featured. It is also called "Sungpi", and if you go to a nearby PC room and become a regular customer, you can enjoy the game with many benefits. But because of the high rentserviceThe downside is that there isn't much of it.


4-2. online badugi

Even if it is not necessarily an adult PC room, you can play the game anywhere where there is a computer and the Internet. If you want to enjoy online Badugi, please contact our Badugi World and we will give you a friendly answer 24 hours a day. Currently, the most famous Go site recommendation site is the walnut game.


4-3. mobile badugi

It is no exaggeration to say that the best invention of the 21st century is the smartphone. I think that everyone in Korea, an IT powerhouse, has at least one mobile phone. There are two mobile Go recommended games, the Maldives game and the Vitamin game.

사설 모바일바둑이
  • What is the game of Go?
    Go is one of the four card poker games. It has different rules, genealogies and tendencies than poker games, and each player is dealt 4 cards to make a bet on the best combination of cards to determine victory.
  • How does the game of Go work?
    General Go games are based on placing blinds on each hand. After each player has been dealt 4 cards, a betting round is conducted. Betting rounds are usually divided into breakfast, lunch and dinner, with all players having the opportunity to change cards between breakfast and lunch and lunch and dinner. After the cards are exchanged, bets are placed again, and the winner is finally decided at the final evening. However, if all players give up in the middle, the one player left at breakfast or lunch will win.
  • What do I need to start playing Go?
    To start a game of Go, you generally need 52 cards and 'bet chips'. You can also use a variety of resources and textbooks online or offline to learn the rules and strategies of the game.
  • What is the easy way to see the genealogy of Badugi?
    First, sort the card suits, then filter out the same pictures, and sort them in lower card order. The highest hand is A-2-3-4 golf and the lowest is K-K-K-K.
  • What is the strongest card combination in the game of Go?
    The strongest card combination in Badoogi is "A-2-3-4". It is also called golf or low perfect, and if the numbers are the same, depending on the game distributor, the game is determined in the order of space > heart > diamond > clover (suhdak) or sudahak.
  • What are the odds of the genealogy of Go?
    All players have an equal chance of getting a good hand. In addition, Badugi is a game with many variables, so it is important to have a good hand, but the game is divided depending on how you play. Therefore, it is also important to adjust the pace, so it is a good way to take a break when the game is not going well.
  • What is the best way to play Go?
    If you follow all the 7 strategies described above, your win rate will increase and there is no risk of losing a lot of money. It is not a game where you have to have a high hand to win unconditionally, and you can win a much higher hand with a low hand through psychological warfare. We recommend that you always play calmly.
  • What is the most important strategy in the game of Go?
    The first and most important strategy in the game of Go is card exchange. By exchanging cards, you can improve your genealogy and guess the opponent's hand. Second, it is one of the important strategies to understand the other person's betting pattern to understand the other person's betting method and preferred pattern. And the important thing is an unbreakable heart.
  • Where can I play Go?
    It can be played anywhere where there are at least 2 players, and you can enjoy PC Baduk or mobile Baduk online in line with the Internet era.
  • Do you have a recommended Go site?
    Currently, the most famous private Go site is Sun City Game. The next most famous place is the Strawberry Game, which is a series of Gubae games. Safety is the top priority when playing Cash Go. It is recommended to use the safest and most famous sites without eating and running.
  • How do I sign up for Private Go?
    All adults except minors can sign up easily without complicated sign-up procedures. We currently handle only major sites with solid capital. If you contact us, we will always do our best to enjoy it without any inconvenience.
  • How do I find a safe Go site?
    We operate based on trust with our users. When introducing all cash Go game sites, we only deal with safe sites, and we are responsible for all accidents that occur and solve them to the end, so you can rest assured.
  • What should I do if I have any difficulties while using the Go site?
    If you have any problems or other inquiries on the sites we recommended, please contact us 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and we promise to resolve them immediately.

Common Casino Terms

Deck: 1 set of 52 cards
Dealer: the person who plays the game at the table
Player: A person participating in the game
chip: Currency used in the game instead of cash
Buy In: Buying chips to play games
Cash In: Converting chips into cash (also called Cash Out)
Cashier: Exchange offices that cash out chips
Credit: to give credit to customers
Bet: To place a chip to participate in a game (to bet)
High Roller: A player who bets a lot of money at once
Shuffle: The act of shuffling the cards evenly
Washing: The act of shuffling cards by hand while showing the back of the cards before shuffling
Action: The act of betting or the situation of the game due to the amount
Face Card: Cards with human faces, such as Jack, Queen, and King
Discard: Cards waiting until used cards are shuffled again
Dead Card: Cards already used in the game
Comp: Abbreviation of Complimentary, a free service provided to players

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